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Anyone who is 18 years or older (subject to applicable state laws), resides in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Guam, has the legal authority to consent, and is capable of providing informed consent can enroll in My Reason®.
Individuals who are currently imprisoned or who cannot consent due to physical, cognitive, and/or permanent medical limitations are not eligible to participate in My Reason at this time.
You do not need to be a kidney patient, or someone who has a family history of kidney disease, vascular disease, or diabetes. We welcome individuals from every background, race, and ethnicity.


  • Click on Enroll Now
  • Complete the questionnaire (two questions)
  • Enter your email to receive a link from our eConsent platform on REDCap Cloud, a highly secure electronic consent platform
  • Open the email from REDCap in your inbox and click on the link provided to validate your email address and to proceed to the My Reason participant portal on REDCap
  • Create your REDCap user ID and password for the My Reason participant portal
  • Log in to REDCap to start your electronic consent (eConsent)

Please save your user ID and password in a secure place.
Once started, you can save your incomplete consent in the My Reason participant portal on REDCap Cloud and come back to it anytime.
Here are videos to help you better understand the consent process.
If you need one of our research coordinators to help complete your eConsent, please reach out to us using one of the contact methods here.
If you have any other questions about My Reason, please Contact Us.


Fresenius Kidney Care Dialysis Participants

If you are a Fresenius dialysis patient you do not need to do anything. A remnant from your routine blood draw will be saved for the My Reason program.

All Other Participants

We will ship a saliva kit for you to provide a sample of your saliva. Please find information on how to use the kit here

We collect your clinical data. No action is needed from you once you have completed your consent. If you have any questions regarding the privacy and security of your data, please read our privacy FAQ section.


Your genomic and clinical data is de-identified so that it cannot be linked back to you when shared with researchers. Your data is stored in a highly secure database. The researchers can use this data to better understand kidney diseases and how they are linked to certain genetic information. This information can then help researchers develop drugs and treatments.

While there will not be any direct benefits to you and no data will be shared with you at this time, your help building the My Reason program may benefit generations to come.

In the future, if for any reason, if you wish to withdraw from the program, please reach out to our help desk using one of the contact methods here.

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