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We are building a community to unlock the secrets of kidney disease. Discover how you can help make this possible.

Welcome to the My Reason® Research Program

My Reason is a research program inviting a large number of people to help build a diverse health database. This health database will help researchers better understand the causes and potential treatments for kidney disease and associated diseases. We welcome participants from all backgrounds. Our goal is to develop the world’s largest collection of patient data to support kidney disease research. This knowledge can then be used to improve patient care.

Participants help this research by consenting to share their genetic information (such as the sequence of their DNA) and health information in their medical records. By participating in My Reason, you can join an effort which may help develop new drugs or tests for diseases including kidney disease.

How It Works


Use the FAQs and educational resources that are available on this website to learn more about the My Reason research program, and how you can participate.


Take a look at the informed consent form to understand how your genetic and health information may be collected, used, or disclosed by the My Reason research program. You will also find information about the safeguards we use to protect your privacy, among other details.


If you are a Fresenius Kidney Care (FKC) patient,  leftover blood will be collected from your routine lab blood draw. There is no need for you to take any action to provide a sample after enrolling in the My Reason program.

If you are not an FKC patient, and you enroll via the ‘Enroll Now’ function on this website, a saliva kit will be mailed to you. There is no cost to you for this kit. Once you receive the kit, follow the instructions provided to collect your saliva sample and return it to the laboratory.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kidney disease has been underrepresented in drug research. In fact, over the last 15 years, it has only made up a small percentage of clinical trials (clinical trials help develop new treatments for patients). My Reason provides information to researchers to find better treatments for kidney disease and other conditions.

Educational Resources